About Me

Who am I?

My name’s Catia and I grew up in Canada. I’d moved around a lot both in my childhood and beyond but the place I tend to call home is Kensington Market, Toronto. If you’re ever in the area, drop by and wander the small shops, it truly is a one of a kind neighbourhood filled with some of the best food from around the world, eclectic clothing shops and intimate cafés that serve some of the best coffee in Toronto. Try to visit when one of the many festivals are happening that’s when the market truly comes alive. Look past the grungy building and graffiti and you’ll find some of the most friendly people in Toronto! Yes, I will miss this place but the time has come for me to find a new adventure.

Why, and where all do I hope to go?

I have very few definite plans really. I intend to fly (no pun intended) by the seat of my pants and follow wherever whims (and budget) take me. That’s how this entire thing started anyway. I woke up one morning and thought about what it would be like if I wasn’t the me that lives in Toronto, but another me that had a different life. That other me had decided to go back to my roots and be a vagabond / nomad. Toronto me started to feel distant and insignificant, so here I am starting on my real world vagabonding adventure. (Yes, this started with a daydream that ran out of control. Trust me, anyone that knows me wouldn’t think that unusual in the slightest. :))

There’s so many places that I’ve always dreamed of visiting Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Ankor Wat in Cambodia and I very much want to visit Europe again for the summer since there was a lot I didn’t get to see last time. The world is also changing fast, I’d like to be able to look back and remember things that I actually witnessed and experienced, not just stuff I saw on telly or read about online.

Who am I travelling with?

While I may meet other travellers along the way, this trip is a solo adventure.

Why did I sell / give away / toss everything I own to do this, am I a crazy hippie?

Crazy… probably. A hippie… perhaps a bit at heart. I’m a vegan that strongly leans towards organics, insists on animal friendly products, sustainable resources and would prefer peaceful solutions to world politics, but that’s about where my hippiness ends. I love my gadgets too much to ever think of living off the grid.

So why? To be honest I wasn’t happy where I was and couldn’t find whatever was missing from my life. I hope to learn more about myself on this journey and with that I will hopefully find what makes me happy. I’d always answered “freedom” when asked “what is the most important thing”, and what is more freeing than not having to be anywhere at any set time, to simply follow the road to the next adventure. No one to answer to and no one to worry about other than myself. The freedom to not only discover the world and the people in it, but to finally take some time to truly listen to my inner voice.

How can I afford this?

I wish I could tell you I’m a famous trust fund baby, an alchemist that can turn plastic into gold or the person who invented some awesome thing that changed the world for the better and got very wealthy in the process… but the simple truth is that I intend to do what I did back in Toronto, work on the web from my Macbook.

Will this be possible on the road? Who knows, but I’m going to give it my best shot. As long as I stay in moderate very cheap hotels hostels and not eat at expensive restaurants (self catering from local produce stands and markets is always way cheaper and I’ll know what I’m actually eating) I should (*crosses fingers and hopes*) be able to spend about the same as I would have at home. (I ate out a lot, lived in a popular neighbourhood in downtown Toronto and have a fascination with tech gadgets and clothing, all these expensive things will no longer happen while I’m a nomad.)

Why did I decide to blog my travels?

Partially because it will save repeated emails to family and friends. This way they can keep up with where I am and how I’m doing without waiting for phone call. Plus they can see pictures and perhaps even the occasional video.

Another reason, well, because I’m a bit of a geek and have to take my macbook with me so I can work on the road, so why not blog about my backpacking tour while I’m at it.

And last but not least, because I’ve always wanted to be famous :p Perhaps this blog will give me my 15 minutes. Even if not it will serve as a handy scrapbook documenting this personal journey.