CN Tower, Toronto, Canada – Photo Gallery

Cn Tower
The CN Tower

While it has lost the title as the world’s tallest free standing building, it is still holding the title of The World’s Highest Wine Cellar ;)

Plush Moose
A Giant Plush Moose

I had to hug this big guy, he must be about 7-8 feet tall!

Mountie Moose
Mountie Moose

One of the many moose statues in Toronto, this one is in the main floor of the CN Tower and is dressed as one of the Canadian Mounted Police.

Toronto Skyline
Overlooking Toronto

Looking out over the city of Toronto from the CN Tower made me realize just how large this city really is!

Down From Tower
Looking Down

The sky rises look so tiny!

Sunset From Cn Tower
Sunset from the CN Tower

We timed our visit to the tower so that we could look out over the city during daylight and catch a breathtaking sunset over Lake Ontario.

Looking Down To Waterfront
A Long Way Down

The tiny white spot by the lake is actually an ice rink, the barely visible dots are ice skaters enjoying the mild autumn.

Skydome From Above
The Skydome

Technically it’s named the Roger’s Centre now, but most Torontonians still call it the Skydome.

I’d lived in Toronto for years and just before I left realised I’d never done the tourist thing. Here’s some of the photos from the day my friend Mike and I visited the CN Tower. (He has vertigo and still went up the Tower with me, now that’s a true friend!)

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