A Perfect Moment in Herculaneum

Have you ever had a moment where it feels like times stands still or shifts ever so slightly and you’re suddenly fully aware of everything around you? That’s what happened to me moments before I captured this photograph.

The scents of moisture, decay and age filled my nostrils, the damp, cool air inside the dark building contrasted against the warmth of the sun I’d felt on my skin just seconds before. The sound of water trickling close by was nearly deafening… and seeing… really seeing the details of everything around me was almost dizzying! It was a perfect moment and I stood frozen for what seemed like an eternity taking it all in and letting the mix of feelings wash over me.

Roman baths in Herculaneum
If only this sculpture could talk. It may be my imagination but she seems so serene and knowing.

Seconds after those feelings melted away the kid in me screamed “OMG! I’m really here, right now seeing this… me, in Herculaneum! This is so freaking amazing!”. The sudden rush of child like wonder and excitement made me almost laugh out loud.

Sometimes life gives you a perfect moment. On this day I was lucky enough to experience a series of them. What an amazing feeling!


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