The Other Side of Istanbul


So you might have noticed I haven’t been keeping up this blog. I’m still not sure if I plan to or not but there’s some things I just HAD to share.

So what’s happened since I last wrote? Well, I travelled through parts of Europe (Italy, France & Spain) and lived in Morocco for 3 months. The last month and a half I’ve been in Turkey, which might just be my favourite place so far!

Last week I went on a day tour in Istanbul that was different than any other I’d ever been on. It didn’t go to the usual tourist traps, in fact it pointedly avoids them! Instead we saw a piece of authentic Turkish life that normally wouldn’t be experienced by people travelling through. Each day that the tour runs it’s a bit different, since real life is not the same every day.

When we went, we got to visit a (non-touristic) bazaar (and I hear what you’re thinking… ‘ah, so they try to get you to buy stuff from their friends’.. nope, not one little drop of pressure, or even mention of buying anything but they were happy to help when one of the group wanted to know how much something should cost.), areas of town that I’d never even heard of after being here for well over a month and that had a fascinating history!

For me the best part was lunch which was a home-made Turkish meal. Now, anyone that knows me knows I’m a very picky eater and a veggie so usually a meal in a situation like this is a bit scary, but not only was it some of the best food I’ve ever tasted they had made sure there was a lot of vegetarian options! The tour ended inside an underground palace, which has just been discovered in the 1990s and is still mostly buried. Very atmospheric and a perfect ending to a great day.


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