Been Travelling Too Long When…

Weary Traveller

I’m sure at some point almost every long term traveller has hit a point when they wonder if they’ve been travelling too long. I’m not sure there is such a thing as too long, but at the very least, you know you’ve been travelling a very long time when this list starts accurately describing your life.

You Know You’ve Been Travelling a Long Time When…

  1. You see your home country flag and think “that looks familiar, when did I travel there?”
  2. Taking a warm shower with decent water pressure feels odd.
  3. Someone starts a sentence with ‘when I was in (random place)’, not only do you know the exact area they’re talking about, you know the best bars and cheap local eateries.
  4. You get so obsessive about travelling light that you empty the trash bin in your netbook before packing it to ‘lighten the load’.
  5. The flag patches on your backpack actually are adding extra weight.
  6. Having a full set of clean laundry feels like winning a lottery.
  7. You can hold an entire conversation with hand signals and body language… and often start a conversation that way not expecting to be understood in your own language.
  8. You forget words in your native language but can substitute them with one of 10 other languages.
  9. A meal of random food-like items that have been in your backpack for weeks seems edible… possibly even a tasty treat.
  10. You stop ordering water and get beer because it’s cheaper… even at breakfast.
  11. When you can think of at least 20 uses for a bandana.
  12. You call any place you’ve stayed more than 7 days “home”.
  13. You wake up and forget which country you’re in.
  14. You count the last time you had a decent haircut not by weeks but by months or years.
  15. The mysteries of how exactly to use various kinds of toilets is no longer a mystery, at a glance you not only know exactly how to use it, you also know how to flush.
  16. The only thing left from your original packing list / home country is your passport.
  17. You not only know which airlines offer the cheapest flights between areas, you know the times and days they fly those routes.
  18. Bartering over the equivalent of 25 cents is a normal thing to do.
  19. You actually look like your passport photo.
  20. And now one that’s (mostly) for the women… you’ve perfected the art of hovering above the toilette so artfully that not only do you always hit the target, you can hover with the backpack still on without your thighs giving out!


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